DAS/KDAS Hydraulic seals – Piston seals – Double acting compact seal

The DAS compact seal is a double acting seal, it is consisted from one NBR ring in the middle, two polyester elastomer back-up rings and two POM rings. The profile seal ring seals in both the static and dynamic range while the the back-up rings prevent extrusion into the sealing gap, the function of the of the guide ring is guiding the piston in the cylinder tube and absorbing the transverse forces.

DAS/KDAS Hydraulic seals – Piston seals – Double acting compact seal



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INDEL seals is committed to providing high-quality performance hydraulic and pneumatic seals, we are producing different kinds of seals such as piston compact seal, piston seal, rod seal, wiper seal, oil seal, o ring, wear ring, guided tapes and so on.

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