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The DAS compact seal is a double acting seal, it is consisted from one NBR ring in the middle, two polyester elastomer back-up rings and two POM rings. The profile seal ring seals in both the static and dynamic range while the the back-up rings prevent extrusion into the sealing gap, the function of the of the guide ring is guiding the piston in the cylinder tube and absorbing the transverse forces.

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product description

This kind seal are self-acting double-acting seals. The radial forces acting on the elastic rubber sealing element after installation are superimposed by the system pressure. This results in a total sealing contact force which increases as the system pressure rises. Even when no system pressure is present, good sealing is achieved. A wide mounting surface also provides additional protection against shifting or twisting of the sealing element.

The DAS compact seal is used as a sealing element for pistons and hydraulic cylinders for reciprocating motion such as earth moving machines, hydraulic excavators, cranes, forklift trucks, hydraulic tailgates, agricultural machines, etc.


Profile seal: NBR
Back-up Ring: Polyester elastomer
Guide rings: POM

Technical Data

Operation conditions
Speed: Maximum reciprocating speed
Media: Mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, flame retardant hydraulic fluids


-Good sealing effect
-Insensibility against shock loads and pressure peaks.
-High resistance against extrusion.
-Capable of installation in closed grooves for reduced
machining costs
- Economic sealing and guiding solution
- Easy installation.
- Closed groove, one piece piston
- Can be used to replace many other compact seal design

Another color of DAS compact seal:


1.Where is your factory located?
We are located in Yueqing Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province China.

2.How could I get a sample?
Please contact us to get the sample. The samples are free to offer you, but the shipping cost will be on your side.

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